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Neighbor of La Camocha, his soccer career began in Estudiantes, until “El Negro” signed him for Sporting. He only left one season on loan to Langreo as a youth player. In Sporting he became captain. Although he had to face a difficult situation in 2005, just with the centenary. “There were many economic problems, it was time for everyone to pull together and stand up for the club and the city. It was very dramatic, that moment of the bankruptcy law, with problems of non-payments, but the people from home pulled it through,” he explains. And along these lines, he also expressed his satisfaction with the current situation, with the role of the youth team: “They know what the dressing room is and what the people of Gijón want”.

One memory that he can’t forget was the feeling he experienced with the well-known “Spirit of Numancia”, in the 2003-2004 season. “It was the turning point. We were playing against the leaders and we were down to ten players shortly after kick-off. There were only 12,000 spectators, but it looked like El Molinón was going to fall apart. And that’s when the fans got hooked,” he stresses.

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Cuando Lorena Torres tenía cuatro años, lo que más le gustaba era bailar, así que sus primeros pasos fueron en la escuela Capricornio. Poco después, cuando tenía unos siete años, cambió los zapatos de baile por la gimnasia deportiva, que por recomendación médica dejó de lado por la natación sincronizada. Este deporte la llevó a Barcelona, con el Club Kallípolis, trampolín que la catapultó al Centro de Alto Rendimiento Joaquín Blume, donde llegó becada.

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Siempre vinculada al deporte, se licenció en Ciencias de la Actividad Física y el Deporte por el INEF de Barcelona, además de cursar varios másteres en diferentes países. En sus inicios profesionales trabajó en el Centro de Alto Rendimiento de Sant Cugat con varias disciplinas deportivas, así como en la sqad de baloncesto de Barcelona. En 2013 también trabajó con el equipo español de natación sincronizada, donde realizó un plan físico personalizado para las nadadoras, entre las que se encontraba Ona Carbonell.

Hoy, Lorena Torres Ronda es una científica del deporte, una especialista en alto rendimiento cuyo compromiso y conocimientos la han llevado en 2015 a la NBA, la mejor liga de baloncesto del mundo. En Estados Unidos ha trabajado con los San Antonio Spurs en los que trabajó durante cuatro temporadas como coordinadora del departamento de ciencias del deporte. Tras esta experiencia, se enroló en los Sixers de Filadelfia, donde la pasada temporada fue la responsable del departamento de rendimiento.

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The European Commission has presented Wednesday its proposal to reduce packaging waste by 15% by 2040 per Member State per capita compared to 2018, in addition to betting on the introduction of a certification system for the absorption of carbon dioxide emissions (CO2).

Both measures were presented Wednesday by the vice president for the Green Pact, Frans Timmermans, and the European Commissioner for the Environment, Virginijus Sinkevicius, as part of the package on circular economy.

Brussels has warned of the impact of packaging on the environment, with carbon dioxide emissions from this source equaling those of a medium-sized EU country, where 177 kilos of packaging waste was generated per person in 2020, for a total figure of 79.3 million tons in the 27 member states.

The proposal includes mandatory reuse or refill targets in sectors such as retail and catering and the implementation of a take-back system for plastic bottles and aluminum cans.

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Alierta’s exit alone would imply a change of ownership and is the most likely, without ruling out the other three of the Foundation or that they would remain in a more minority percentage. Alierta could leave the SAD and the buyer who enters the club could carry out a capital increase to increase its presence in the entity. There have also been some offers to the club, which were later rejected.

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The situation, however, is not simple. Even more so after the Super League, which, if it goes ahead, could cut the television and ticketing revenues of clubs that do not participate in it by up to 60%, a possibility that for Zaragoza would be a fatal death wound with fatal consequences. The club has for this season 9.2 million in television rights and 2.6 million in marketing and advertising, figures that would go down next season.

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