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Ser deportivos las palmas

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La carrera por el centrocampista del Borussia Dortmund Jude Bellingham parece que dominará las dos ventanas de traspasos de 2023.El ascenso de Bellingham para el club y el país ha elevado su estatus en toda Europa y los gigantes de la Bundesliga han admitido que es poco probable que puedan retenerlo el próximo verano.El jugador de 19 años ha estado siempre presente en la carrera de Inglaterra a los octavos de final de la Copa Mundial de 2022 y su valor sigue aumentando. El Liverpool y el Real Madrid se perfilan como los favoritos para cerrar un acuerdo por Bellingham en los próximos meses, con un posible interés también del París Saint-Germain.El Dortmund ha fijado un precio mínimo de 100 millones de euros, pero podría aumentar a 150 millones de euros, a medida que se acelera la guerra de ofertas en 2023.Según una entrevista entre la Cadena SER y Pacojo Delgado, el Real Madrid teme que los equipos de la Premier League paguen más de 150 millones de euros por Bellingham, y eso empujaría a los blancos más allá de su valoración máxima de la ex estrella del Birmingham City.

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This Master’s Degree in Sports Journalism responds to the needs that sports-related communication companies demand in order to incorporate into their work teams journalists with a professional profile in which a high level of writing, a proven criteria of informative assessment, initiative and competence in decision making stand out.

You will be able to take this Master’s Degree in classroom mode, at MARCA’s facilities, or online. In the face-to-face Master’s program, you will use the audiovisual facilities of Radio MARCA,, MARCA and the Audiovisual Center of the San Pablo CEU University.

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The professors are journalists from MARCA and other print, radio and television media. You will be able to develop a series of good contacts in the world of journalism, since the professors who teach this program will be in direct contact with you.

More than 70% of the teaching sessions are of a practical nature. You will edit newspapers, websites and blogs. You will work from the first day in radio and television studios as you would in a professional multimedia newsroom, under the supervision of the professors, active professionals in Sports Journalism.

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In July 1936 the Civil War breaks out and any glimpse of soccer recovery disappears. The sporting paralysis is almost total, with the exception of some matches at the end of 1936 between the capital clubs -among them the Mensajero C.D.- that face military teams.

Just after the end of the war, the clubs were slow to reorganize and it was the youth teams attached to the O.J.E. who took the initiative in football. At the end of 1939, Navarra was formed, a combined team of former players of Mensajero C.D. and Tenisca C.B. before the conflict, in order to play friendly matches in the absence of the traditional local tournament and the Liga Insular. In 1940, Fomento F.C. appeared, a club for youth players with strong links to the two big clubs in the city.

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With the relegation to the Third Division and loss of category, a new period began for the red and black team, which, having lost its previous sporting potential and the consequent drop in economic income, was forced to survive and hold on to the category by any means necessary. Right from the beginning, in the 02-03 season, they showed their weakness, finishing eleventh with Falo Martín on the bench, saving the category with great difficulty in the following 03-04 edition, where they panicked not to be relegated to Regional Preferente by finishing sixteenth.

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The purpose of the Master is to promote the talent of the students and to create professionals with sufficient knowledge to achieve the greatest sporting success.

It will be held on November 23 and 24, with the participation of prominent speakers organized by the Center for Olympic Studies of the Faculty of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences and the collaboration of the Seminar “Women and Sport” of the INEF of the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

The Center for Olympic Studies of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria organized its first activity with a conference on The Olympic Games from the time of the Greeks to the present day, given by the President of the Olympic Academy of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

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The event took place on April 11 of the 2011/2012 academic year, at the Faculty of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.    Mr. Conrado Durántez, former judge of the High Court of Justice of Madrid, has dedicated his life to spreading the values of Olympism, since 1961, when he participated in the first session and constitution of the International Olympic Academy held in Olympia, Greece. The International Olympic Committee awarded him the Olympic Order in 1989 and in 1994 he was named doctor honoris causa by the National Academy of Sports of the United States. Durántez is the author of numerous books on the life of Pierre de Coubertin, the history of the Olympic Games and Olympism.

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